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Bag O' Links - 28/9/2009

First thing is first: The RailsBridge famous Rails BugMash was up again this week, and sadly i was only able to participate for only a mare few hours, i was thrilled to realize that again, the BugMash is getting the best of me.
Comparing to the first one last month, i was a lot more familiar and ready this time to handle the Rails core code, Git ninja maneuvers and general Ruby and Rails/idioms and internal processes, and i must say it was even more fun and addictive this time.

I really hope that all of you rails developers join us the next time are throwing in a BugMash party, you’d be surprised to know how easy it is to find something you want to change/fix in the rails core and submit a patch. Except from the huge help you are going to get on #railsbridge on IRC, you’ll be able to get to know tools and procedures and are not so confident in using them, and possibly achieve a “Rails Contributor” status, win.

Now, awesome links ahead.

GitHub Treasures

  • validatius_on_rails – a binding between Rails validations and client side validations.
  • gravater_on_rails – A configurable and documented Rail view helper for adding gravatars into your Rails application
  • fleximage – Rails plugin for uploading images as resources, with support for resizing, text stamping, and other special effects.
  • proxy_machine – A simple TCP routing proxy built on EventMachine that lets you configure the routing logic in Ruby.
  • rubycas-server – Provides a single sign-on solution for web applications, implementing the server-end of JA-SIG’s CAS protocol.
  • prettyscript – a young project that intends of making javascript syntax suck less. good luck.


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