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Rails BugMash on RailsBridge

In this past weekend, i had the pleasure of taking part in a Rails BugMash, ran by some of the Rails core members and a few RailsBridge team-leaders and officers.

I have to say, that when i initially thought about taking part of this fest, i was pretty concerned about the fact.. that i never committed anything to the rails core and that i am not very skilled with some of the necessary tools such as Git and Rails testing. I was thrilled to see how helpful the community was, from the eyes of the #railsbridge IRC channel resident, i saw a live, ass-kicking community that joined both experienced and new developers in an effort to make the framework better, and the developers more related to it.

That 48 hours of digging, testing, Git’ing, Ticket-bashing did wonders to my Rails and other tools skills, i got great, precise and considerate help and support when i needed, personal guidance on demand and on top of it, i got 2 patches in and scored (#6) a lot higher than i would expected, yai!.

I even got a souvenir :)

my first rails patch

Having participated in an event like this made me a better developer in my opinion, and as a person who always learning doing something new and never gives up (“Die facebook API”), i feel like i achieved something that i wanted to for a long time.

Anyway, i had a blast, learned so much about the framework and other stuff, got to know people i only heard about, new people as well, and witnessed the mission and statement of #railsbridge coming true in the very first time they were put to the test.

I don’t know who-did-what in order to make it happen, so i’ll just hand it over to who ever did, thank you.

I’ll anxiously wait for the next bash.

We are always welcoming new members to RailsBridge, lot’s of projects and things to do even when there isn’t any BugMash on, Don’t be a stranger :).


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