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2008 and me

i have learned a lot of new things, which i am very happy about, but i also had some bad experiences:

in Programming, i learned

  • how to use git, finally.

  • about unfuddle and i am happy about it.

  • how to master Rails Caching.

  • how to master Ruby meta programming to the max (self learning class!).

  • how to use Oracle, also with rails.

  • tried .net, hated it.
  • tried Django, hated it.
  • JQuery, MooTools and basically Javascript.
  • the power of RSS feeds.
  • about the joy in helping others where you struggled in forums across the net.
in Business, i learned
  • Never to do business with friends.

  • Never to do business with friends, ever (yeah, twice).

  • how to spot opportunities of a life time.

  • how to make words and sentences, into real kicking money

  • how to harness adsense.

  • how to negotiate when i am not on top.

  • how to fight, struggle and win with minimum resources.

  • from the big shots, how to do it in the USA.

  • microsoft came back into my life with an XBOX-360, and i hate to say i like it.

  • i learned to play the guitar.

  • Moved to USA, smartest thing i did in my life.

  • i learned how to run a flawless project plan.
  • got 2 more Macs, ipod, and an AppleTv.

on the good side…
  • Took part in few amazing projects.

  • Gained #1 on Oracle ruby on rails blog reference page.

  • Finally started my own baby startup.

  • Got 1.8M$ investment for a friend’s company in a 45 minute phone call to the investor.

  • Sold all my AAPL shares before the crisis.

  • Taking a major part in bringing Rails to Israel.

On the down side…
  • i lost too many friends, if they ever were.

  • too many of my dreams and wishes came down in flames (but were replaced by new ones.)

Looking back, it wasn’t such a bad year… some things may not be so good, but i believe that 2009 is the key year for me.
Hopefully in the next year (on Mephisto!!), i will be able to say
“it was an amazing year”

happy new year everyone.


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