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Free SVN/Git Hosting Services

Anyone who is not using any source control of what so ever, please never come back to this blog.
Now, seriously… you have to protect your work and efforts from evil nature (yap, coffee on the MacBook) damaging your precious work.
The conventional way is to get a personal server somewhere and install the source control of your choice on it, and giddie up, but for those of use who are still poor entrepreneurs with no wish what so ever to buy a server somewhere, here are some few options to consider when choosing a source control platform for your application.

Unfuddle – Nice, remindes my of Zoho for some reason . Web 2.0 to the max and packed with project tracking and management such as issue tickets, source control, time tracking, milestones and etc. (but still not a replacement for BaseCamp, but that’s for another post), Their free package comes with 250Mb, support for infinite repositories on both Git and Subversion.

Assembla – only a small part of a feature-packed project management service, a basic 200Mb of SVN hosting. the project hosting comes with wiki pages, blogs, etc. The free package has all of this so even if you donít stump up the $49 p/m for the paid youíll get one hell of a service.

OpenSVN – One of the first to release free SVN hosting of open source projects and starting to show its age with a very clunky interface and barebones features. free but a trouble maker, i got a lot of 404s and peer resets during commits.

Bounty Source
– Bounty Source offer your basic SVN along with a wiki and CMS for managing your projects online presence as well as a task tracker. Bounty Source have a unique feature though that enables a developer to be paid for the work they carry out on user feature requests.

– Ya baby, the real deal, an old and great dino indeed. They tried to shot it up with some Web2.0 gradients and curves, but it still looks like Geocities in 1998 :)

Google Project Hosting
– someone said gSourceForge? Google shamelessly (as for my opinion) simply took that old dino, and painted it blue :) . its features still lack and it is basically what i call an “executed to finish” job, like “yes, we at google now have a source tracker and such, but we didn’t put to much work in it”.

i personally moved from OpenSVN to unFuddle a few days ago, and i am very pleased at the moment.


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